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All America Tulu Association

An organization of people having their origin in Tulunad area of Karnataka and Kerala states of India.

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About AATA

All America Tulu Association (AATA) also know as Akhila Americoda Tuluvere Angana a community organization of people having their origin in Tulunad area of Karnataka and Kerala states of India. AATA was born out of a desire to build a vibrant Tulu community, on first day of Paggu month of Tulu New Year, April 14, 2021. The mission is to bring all the people of Tulu roots together to preserve, support, promote Tulu language and culture by creating an opportunity, an effective platform to exchange ideas between the people of Tulu heritage who lives in North America. AATA desires to outreach the Tulu language heritage and culture to their next generations and grooms a heritage pride identity.


The aims and objectives of the association shall be to preserve, support and promote literary, educational and cultural activities of Tulu speaking people.

Political Restrictions

None of the activities of the association shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation.

Individual benefits from earnings

No part of the net earnings of the association will insure to the benefit of any individual or individuals.


None of the Executive Committee including Office-bearers, youth ambassadors or Directors shall take salary or remuneration of any kind for their services.

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Tulu Lipi History

  • Tulu is not merely yet another language, or a civilization, or a culture.
  • Tulu Nadu has its own script called Tulu script, Tigalari script. Which is a Southern Brahmic script.
  • The world-famous Shree Krishna temple Udupi Ashta mutt, till date uses Tulu script for its official signature.
  • The oldest available inscriptions in Tulu are from the period between 14th to 15th centuries AD.

  • In the Halmidi inscriptions, there is a mention of the Tulu country as the kingdom of the Alupas.

  • Mandara Ramayana with a coastal tang and flavor of Tulu culture is a unique literary work by Mandara Keshava Bhat.

Tulu Online Spoken Classes

First Step from AATA towards Presenting Tulu Language and Culture in American Continent

All America Tulu Association (AATA) Inauguration – 2021

Akhila Americoda Tuluverena Angano for all Tuluvas in NA interested in preserving and promoting activities bringing together all Tulu speaking folks.

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